Hard Limits

When Mistress Sinestra, a high-profile Lesbian Lifestyle Dominant, goes missing one night after visiting a private BDSM club in Atlanta, Hemphill County Sheriff Wynonna Fletcher takes up the case. The first person she suspects is her ex-lover Brett Wolfe, lesbian novelist and Old Guard Leather Dom. Complications arise as the lives of the suspects and perpetrators intersect in this edgy novel that takes you inside the world of kinky consensual sex and power exchange dynamics.

Torture, punishment, kidnapping, blackmail, and murder are all uncovered as Deputy Sheriff Fletcher attempts to answer the question on everyone’s lips. What happened to Mistress Sinestra?

Mistress Sinestra

After the beating death of her sex slave in a punishment that goes out of control, Atlanta’s “Lesbian Lifestyle Dominant” Mistress Sinestra agrees to turn state’s evidence against the perpetrators in exchange for immunity from prosecution. When the Mistress suddenly disappears after leaving a BDSM dungeon, Detective Tanika Washington investigates the case along with Deputy Sheriff Wynonna Fletcher…”